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50 Years Later, Company Receives Visit from Founder's Son


Lake City, Iowa—More than five decades ago, Lowell Bowie's father founded Bowie International in this small Iowa town. Dr. M. C. Bowie was a veterinarian simply looking for a new way to haul instruments and equipment to large animal field calls. This led him to found a company that is now the world's leading provider of fiberglass mobile veterinary clinics and vet boxes. Lowell Bowie, a retired businessman who lives in Montgomery, Ohio, recently visited the modern Bowie facility to reminisce about the company's growth and to check out the most recent advancements.

Mr. Bowie recalled 1960, when veterinarians like Dr. Bowie were often constrained to hauling their equipment in the back of the family car. "On Sundays, we would have to clean out the back seat, and my brother and I would get in where all the tools and biologics had been stored and off to church we went," said Lowell Bowie. "My mother became a little unhappy about this and told my dad he had to do something." After Dr. Bowie was unsuccessful at building a wooden veterinary unit and a carbon steel unit, he sought advice from Dr. Fred Bunker, a local dentist and fellow entrepreneur who invented a coin sorting machine. "Bunker asked, 'Why don't you make a unit out of fiberglass?'" Bowie said.

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Bowie Expands into Diverse Markets


Opportunities multiply as they are seized at Bowie International LLC, which has remained true to its mobile veterinary unit roots, while expanding into new ventures, from sports car kits to animal control systems.

"The businesses we've acquired recently were strong companies before, and we're making them even better," said Steve Sinnard, executive vice president of Bowie International, which boasts more than 50 years of fiberglass manufacturing expertise.

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Scranton's Animal Brands Glow with Recent Upgrades


When Scranton Manufacturing purchased both Bowie and Porta·Vet, the leading names in mobile veterinary clinics, customers were told that the brands would align resources to create an improved customer experience. Customers will soon see more quality upgrades across all models, including the newly acquired Custom Fiberglass Coaches, a line of truck-mounted animal transport units. Beginning immediately, all models will be equipped with the superior LED lights, both on the exterior and inside their compartments.

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25 Years Later, Bowie's "Slide-In" Veterinary Clinic Still The Only of its Kind


When Dr. M.C. Bowie established the mobile vet box industry in 1960, it was a truck-dominated world for vets-on-the-go. A couple decades later, SUV's, vans and minivans became much more popular so Bowie introduced the "slide-in" mobile veterinary clinic in 1985. It was a novel idea: take Bowie's concept of the "vet office on wheels" and craft it to fit in the back of a van or SUV. It was called the DIPLOMAT and it became a great success with vets around the world. Today, the DIPLOMAT II has seen many improvements but it is still the only of its kind.

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Iowa Company Helps Save Animals Across the World


LAKE CITY, IA - Bowie International, LLC, a leader in mobile veterinary clinics, has recently completed two large sales to veterinary organizations across the globe. Crews in Thailand and Malaysia are now equipped with a total of 13 Bowie Capri models, essentially a clinic which fits within the bed of a pickup truck and carries everything a veterinarian needs on the road: medicine, medical tools, water, lights, and electricity. This helps vets bring care to animals which may require too much time to transport properly.

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Iowa Manufacturer Reflects on a Bustling 2 Years


Lake City, IA - Bowie Manufacturing has been a part of this community since 1960, but few dates have been as noticeable for the company as June 12th, 2007. On that day, the company was purchased by Scranton Manufacturing Co., a larger family-owned Iowa corporation. Scranton then acquired Bowie's largest competitor, Porta-Vet, and brought the two companies to work together under one roof. A related company, Custom Fiberglass Coaches, was also purchased recently to extend the Scranton lineup: specializing in animal transport, the brand fit nicely with the capabilities of the other lines made in Lake City. Together, all these changes have meant a busy couple of years for the manufacturing plant.

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Scranton Manufacturing Brings New Life to Custom Fiberglass Coaches


The parent company of New Way refuse trucks and the Bowie and Porta-Vet line of mobile veterinary clinics has recently acquired another company in the animal industry. Custom Fiberglass Coaches manufactures truck-mounted fiberglass units made to transport a variety of animals, fitting well alongside the Bowie and Porta-Vet product lines. From their headquarters in the small town of Scranton, IA (population approximately 750), Scranton Manufacturing now leads six brands that create a range of products in use around the world.

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