Do You have a Testimonial?

I have practiced out of a Bowie unit since graduating from ISU in 1970. We now have five in our practice. The Bowie units are extremely durable, user friendly, attractive, and affordable. The service we get from the units and Bowie is exceptional. Their trade-in policy and pricing is very reasonable.

Bowie continues to upgrade their units through technology and innovation to provide the best and lightest weight units available. We recently traded in a fourteen year old unit that was still very functional. I would strongly recommend a Bowie unit for any practitioner with a mobile practice.

Drs. Van Roekel • Alva, FL

Thank you for personally delivering the truck to Phoenix and providing a "walk" through of the unit first-hand. Even though I've seen other peoples' units, I've never actually "had a tour" and gotten to fully appreciate everything the Ultra 6 has to offer. I really enjoy working out of it. The space in it is abundant, ease of use makes it fun, I have received so many compliments on it from clients and - perhaps my current favorite of all its many features - the LED lighting (as I do a lot of night calls)! Those lights are superb.

I extend my sincere gratitude to all of you at Bowie and I can see that I will get many great years of use out of the Ultra 6 in my Equine practice. I will not hesitate to send colleagues your way when they are looking for their next mobile unit. Thank you for making such an outstanding product and I wish you many more decades of business success.

Kimberly Gryl, DVM • Phoenix, AZ

I bought my first Bowie mobile clinic in 1982 and have purchased several units since then. I have been very happy with the quality and performance of the Bowie units and they have never, ever failed me. They have operated very well through the extreme weather conditions and have been great for my mobile practice.

Robert Stoll, DVM • Sandpoint, ID

For many years I practiced out of overloaded station wagons assuming I couldn't afford a truck with a Bowie unit. My wife, after many years of paying our mechanic, advised me that it might be cheaper to drive a vehicle made for the job.

I just today took possession of my 8th Bowie/Truck combination. The unit looks professional and clients appreciate seeing me wash my boots especially dealing with an infectious disease outbreak. Clients also note that the vaccine I hand them is cold.

In over 20 years of dealing with Bowie, I've never had a negative experience. Great people and great product!

Tom Stuwe, DVM • Barre, VT

Bowie recently delivered five “Capri” clinics installed in Toyota HiLuxs’ to our facility in Selangor, Malaysia. We were very pleased with the quick turnaround to meet our schedule. The installation was surprisingly easy, and the overall quality of the product was excellent. We look forward to working with Bowie again in the future!

RF Ventures Sdn Bhd • Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Bowie provided us with 8 Capri mobile veterinary clinics installed in the Toyota HILUX pickup trucks. The project went smoothly from start to finish. Bowie was incredibly responsive and professional, and delivered the mobile clinics on schedule for installation in Thailand. We were very impressed with the high quality of the units, completeness of the manual and installation instructions provided. When all the units were installed we tested the electrical, refrigeration and water systems in each truck and everything worked perfectly. Thank you very much for a great experience and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

Thai Agency Engineering Co., LTD • Bangkok, Thailand

This picture was taken right after we opened the doors to our new clinic. We are very pleased with the quality and design of both your Monarch and Galaxy 6 Mobile Clinics. For an all female vet practice, these chassis mount units are the easiest to work from." Thanks Bowie.

Barbara Page DVM, Christine Staten DVM, Elisa Marusich DVM • Tucson, AZ

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how happy I am with my new Galaxy 6. It is so efficient to practice out of this unit it feels like a whole new start in my practice. I no longer have to reach over the sides of the pickup bed and struggle to get things in and out of the front compartments and the refrigerator. It also keeps my clothes from getting muddy when the truck is dirty from the rain. The Bowie Galaxy models have such a nice professional look and the low profile gives me full rear-view. Two of my colleagues decided to purchase the Galaxy model and I would think that any vet that gives your Galaxy unit a try will be very satisfied with the Bowie quality and value as I am

Dr. Miska Carlberg-Paget • Pamona, CA

Thanks for all your help over the years with the clinical education of veterinary students in the Field Service Clinic, Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the Ontario Veterinary College. We have come to appreciate the assistance from everyone at Bowie from the sales staff to your customer service department. It is comforting to know that our maintenance director can pick up the phone anytime Monday to Friday and get technical advice from customer service. We have used four of your units for well over a decade now and have found them to be well designed and durable. In fact, we just traded the first unit acquired 15 years ago and there was still plenty of life left in it!

Ken G. Bateman DVM, MSc, Ontario Veterinary College • Ontario, Canada

Bowie mobile clinics are built way too well. Doctor John has had his unit for 14 years and it is working excellent. I have my pickup and Crown II unit that we purchased from you 7 years ago and have had no problems whatsoever. We just thank Bowie Manufacturing for their reliable units and look forward to you in the future.

John & Laurie Day DVMs • Jerome, ID

I have been a Bowie customer for over 20 years and wanted to express my gratitude to your service department and staff. The diagnostic system installed in your units makes it easy to pinpoint any issues with the unit and if I need help your service department is able to talk me through fixing any problems. Most companies today put you on hold or into a maze of voice mail. When I call Bowie I can speak with someone right away. With all the instruments and equipment a vet has to take care of these days it sure is nice to know I can get someone on the phone when I need them.

Justin Janssen DVM • Sheridan, IN

I purchased my Bowie Diplomat II earlier this year to go into a Toyota Kluge. After traveling half way around the world before getting its first use, it has added to my pleasure of being a large animal veterinarian. I have had many favorable examinations by colleagues and farm clients alike and receive several compliments on the appearance and quality of the unit.

David A. Beischer DVM • Wonthaggi, Victoria - AUSTRALIA

I would like to thank Bowie Mfg. for their fine products and my mobile veterinary clinic. I bought my unit five years ago and I have been very satisfied. I expressed to my representative that I really didn't want a full unit but wanted all the features of a full unit. He recommended the Crown II and it has been just what I needed. Now I have the convenience of a unit with water, heaters and a refrigerator and yet can still pull a fifth-wheel trailer when needed. I was also pleased that my representative explained the benefits of leasing and even showed me how to take advantage of some special financing options and additional incentives offered through the truck companies. I definitely recommend Bowie Mfg. to anyone wanting to look at their options in buying a mobile clinic. They seemed to really want to help my business as opposed to just sell me something.

Trent Callahan DVM • Butler, MO

I am a second generation satisfied customer of Bowie Mfg.. My father has had Bowie units since he started practicing. It was only natural that I bought a Bowie when I joined him practicing in our clinic north of Kansas City. We have always enjoyed the good service and quality products. Whenever we have a question about sales or service, a phone call to your plant has always received a quick response to our questions. Let's hope that our partnership continues on for many years into the future. We intend to supply top quality veterinary service to our clients as you supply us with the quality products to do it.

Edward Powell DVM • Marysville, MO

When I graduated from college a few years ago, I was faced with a lot of decisions. Do I go to work with an established firm or do I set up my own practice? I decided to go alone and Bowie was a big help in giving me a lot of financial options. One of my first purchases was a mobile vet clinic from Bowie Mfg. I had used both Bowie and a competitor during school and felt that the Bowie was clearly superior. When I found out that Bowie makes all their own parts at their factory, compared to the other company who just assembles pieces made by other suppliers; it made me sure of the quality difference.

Brandy Childress DVM • Section, AL

I have found the Crown II unit you sold me to be the perfect compromise for an operation that does not need the space of a full unit. With the Crown II you still have the room in back to carry bulk items that just come up during normal operations. I have found leasing the unit through North American States Leasing to be a great way to even out the cost over a set period of time. With the lease to buy feature you don't face that big balloon payment on the end. I probably won't need another unit for along time because my unit has held up great. I would highly recommend your product to anyone looking for good quality products.

Troy Hudnall DVM • Owensville, MO

I am very satisfied with my Bowie America 8' unit. I compared this unit to the competitor's model and feel it was the better buy. Overall construction and especially the drawers seem more substantial.

Liz Bracken DVM • Atascadero, CA

This new Ultra 6 is working out great; there is absolutely no wasted space. Everything has a place and this makes it easy to keep it organized. I have used the keyless entry/lock much more than I anticipated. It is especially handy having the green light on the side of the unit to let me know whether I remembered to lock it or not. I have had nothing but compliments on the unit. It looks and works great! Once again, thanks for the superior product, as well as for the superior service after the sale.

Christopher Wilhite DVM • Raymore, MO

We have had our Galaxy II unit since 1997 and have been very happy with it. It is a real time saver in the house calls we make around the zoo. No matter what we may need to treat an animal in the field, we can get it from the truck without the need to travel back to the zoo hospital. It is also very helpful in an emergency to just jump in the truck and go without having to delay while we pack supplies.

Tom Meehan DVM • Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, IL

I am writing to thank you for taking the time to come to Virginia to allow me to have a look at the Bowie unit before making the commitment to purchase it. Seeing the Ultra 6 was all it took to convince me that it was of superior quality. I had previously only had access to your competitor's mobile units, which have not withstood the everyday use well at all. The Bowie fiberglass drawers were better made, by far.

Other attractive features include the separate hot and cold running water, the water hose to the side, and mercury switches on the numerous lights. The competitors have one water temperature setting and a hose under the bottom drawer, which has been quite inconvenient at times.

I urge anyone investigating the purchase of a new mobile unit to see the Bowie quality for themselves. Thank you again. I am looking forward to many years use of my new Ultra 6.

Tanya Hatchett DVM • Salem, VA

By the way, I love my new Galaxy II. You don't advertise it as such, but, besides begin the most attractive unit I've seen, it was made for the female (especially shorter stature people) with pregnancy in mind. Even at 9 months of pregnancy, I was able to reach into all my compartments and get to medicine and supplies. Also, after pregnancy, the "baby changing station" (pull out drawer) is absolutely fantastic! Again, thank you. You must handpick your employees, because they are all exceptionally nice and knowledgeable. I truly appreciate the no pressure sales, the outstanding service and "old fashion" way you stand behind your work. I guess you could call East Coast Equine your "customer for life."

Valerie Biehl DVM • Vero Beach, FL

I purchased a new Ultra 6 and it has been a great part of my practice. I've had very little upkeep needed. In fact, it looks just like the day I brought it. I practice in a moisture laden climate and it can be hard on vehicles and vet boxes. But the Ultra 6 has had no problems and has become a trusted partner in my practice. It is amazing the professional image that your boxes give to customer. Just to see a Bowie Mobile Clinic on your truck shows them that the best has been purchased and their animals are in good hands.

Owen Martin, Jr. DVM • Warsaw, NC

I purchased my Chevy Silverado and unit last year and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the whole package. The Bowie unit is a dream. It has a lot of storage and believe me I have every nook and cranny filled! When it is cold, it is great not to have to unload everything to keep it from freezing. The heater works great and so is having hot water an my command! Thanks for a wonderful product!

Jeanne Best DVM • Lockport, NY

I had been using a '97 model of another company when a Bowie consultant stopped at our office one day. One of my associates had just purchased a Bowie unit, I could see why. The Bowie model was obviously built to higher quality standards and just gave a more professional appearance.

Chad Lehenbauer, DVM • Quincy, IL