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Ultra Light 8016HF Portable Veterinary X-Ray

The Latest In High Frequency Portable X-Rays

At just 13 pounds, the 8016 HF is the lightest, smallest, most powerful 80kV unit available. 90kV & 100kV units are also available and all come standard with integrated dual laser pointers and are loaded with advanced features! The portable x-ray allows complete mobility, providing x-ray capabilities in exam, ER and surgery rooms without removing the patient. The versatile design of the Ultra Stand eliminates the need to hold your x-ray unit and provides quick, easy mobilization in the field or at your facility.

The most advanced, highest powered ultra light high frequency portable x-ray unit. The 80 kV@16mA output produces more power than other ultra light units and produces consistent quality films in the field or office. The 8016HF is loaded with features like programmable technique selections, integrated dual lasers, reversible control panel display and can even operate on a 150’ extension cord. The Ultra 8016HF is durable for use in the field and versatile enough for everyday use in the clinic.


  • Weight: 13lbs. (5.9 kg) w/case - 22lbs. (10kg)
  • Cabinet Size: 6"H x 5.6"W x 11"L
  • Generator: High Frequency, 60kHz
  • Output: 50-80 kVp@16 mA, (1kV steps)
  • Timer: 0.03-1.88 seconds built into mAs selector
  • mAs Range: 0.4-30 mAs in 23 steps, 20% blackening change per step
  • Displays: Digital display
  • Collimator: Light Beam with high output quartz lamp
  • Dual Laser Pointers: Integrated dual lasers
  • Bubble Level: Indicates the x-ray unit is leve
  • Output Power: 1.28 KW
  • Power Requirement: 120V 10 AMP +/- 50/60 Hz
  • Line Power Supply Compensation: Dynamic 2 stage auto voltage & current
  • X-Ray Tube: Stationary anode, Superior
  • Focal Spot Size: 1x1mm
  • Target Angle: 14 degree
  • Focal Heat Units: 7,000 HU
  • Cooling Speed: 55 HU/second
  • Filtration: 2.3 mm Al equivalent @ 80 kV
  • Exposure Switch: Two stage prep exposure (optional foot switch)
  • Carry Case Size: 10” H x 10.5” W x 15” L
  • Warranty: Two Year Manufacturer Parts & Labor

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