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Cobalt 6

The Most Popular 6 ½' Mobile Veterinary Clinic!

The Cobalt 6 combines new features from Bowie and Porta Vet to improve the performance and efficiency of your mobile practice. The new interior design offers increased storage capacity and enhanced functionality fitting full-size Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota and other or ton Fleetside trucks. These improvements position the Cobalt 6 at the top of its class.

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Standard Rear Drawers Rear Drawers - Pulled Out Driver Side Compartment - Angled View Passenger Side Compartment - Angled View Driver Side Compartment - Side View Passenger Side Compartment - Side View Digital Control Panel & Thermostat Unit Overview 3/4 View

All New Features

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Cobalt 6 Specs

Every COBALT 6 comes loaded with these standard features:

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment Driver Side
  • NEW! Large Capacity 18gal Single Water Tank With Digital Thermostat to regulate temp.
  • 12v Diaphragm Pump w/Rear Discharge Hose
  • NEW! All LED Lighting With Manual Override
  • NEW! Electronic Smart Panel With 2 Multi-function Key FOB's
  • New & Improved Keyless Entry
  • NEW! High Output Day Heater With Thermostat & Circulating Fan
  • Night Heater With Thermostat & Circulating Fan
  • Top Tray With Driver & Passenger Side Access
  • Large Flush Mounted 43" Top Doors & Flush Mounted Rear Door w/Dual Gas Struts
  • HQ Modular Wiring System
  • All Stainless Steel Bolts & Screws
  • Chrome Lift Eyes
  • Air Vent
  • Quick Connects
  • 22' Power Cord
  • Automotive Weather Stripping
  • Right Upper Drawer With Dividers For 100cc Injectables
  • Left Upper Drawer With Dividers For 250cc & 500cc Injectables
  • Rechargeable Field Emergency Light
  • Flush Mounted Door Handles With Common Key
  • Dual Voltage Refrigerator With Automatic Switching Relay
  • Fiberglass Portable Surgical Tray (12" x 25" mounts on 1" x 4" or 2" x 4")
  • Vertical Fiberglass Divider For Lower Drawers
  • Dual Lock Controlled Substance
  • 3 Point Lift Kit
  • Fifth Rear Drawer
  • Wireless Remote Control Spotlight


  • NEW! Electronic Smart Panel With 12v DC Fused Systems Check
  • Circuit Breaker Protected 110v AC System
  • Injectable Storage Area With Acrylic Dividers
  • Stainless Steel Cold Sterilization Tray
  • NEW! High Output Day Heater
  • Sharps Container
  • Top Storage Tray


Passenger Side
  • NEW! Heaters Positioned Above Water Tanks Provides More Bulk Storage
  • "Saleable" Injectable Upper Storage Area
  • Area For Gallon Storage & Bulk Storage For Other Equipment
  • Holders For Fricks Speculum, Stomach Pump & Drip Tray
  • Top Storage Tray


Rear Compartment
  • Acrylic Needle & Syringe Tray
  • Towel Holder
  • Waste Receptacle
  • Fetal Extractor Rod Holder & Stomach Tube Holder
  • One (1) Removable 19" x 33" Right Lower Drawer
  • One (1) Removable 19"x 47" Lower Drawers
  • Two (2) Removable 19" x 25" Horizontal Upper Drawers
  • Storage Area For Discharge Hose



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