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Galaxy II

Our Newest Option For 6' Extended Bed Trucks

Giving you more of what you want! It offers ultimate accessibility, an attractive aerodynamic body design, gull wing doors, and remote keyless entry, among many other standard features.

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Galaxy II Specs

Base Unit Includes: Circuit breaker protected 110V AC system. Stainless steel cold sterilization tray. Rear Caduceus. Sharps container. Chrome lift eyes.

Left Front Compartment: Diagnostic systems check. Waste receptacle. Hot & Cold Water Tanks w/ outside fills. Blender-mixer control w/ discharge hose. Towel holder. Stomach tube holders. Brackets for Fricks Speculum and stomach pump. Rechargeable cordless spotlight.

Left Center Compartment: Forward lower 9 1/2" x 36" drawer with 100cc dividers. Forward upper 9 1/2" x 36" drawer with 1/2 250cc dividers. Rear upper 19" x 34" drawer with cold sterilization tray, syringe bins, needle bins and rear wall drug tray. 250cc and 500cc dividers. Rear lower pullout work surface.

Left Rear Compartment: 18 3/4" x 26" upper drawer with 500cc dividers. Lower 18 3/4 x 58" transverse drawer.

Right Front Compartment: Oxygen system area. Bulk storage area. Refrigerator space. Lariat holder.

Right Center Compartment: 25" x 26" storage tray for fiber optics scope and/or ultrasound equipment. 14" wide tray.

Right Rear Compartment: 18" x 36" upper drawer. Lower 18 3/4" x 58" transverse drawer.

Additional Standard Features: Day Heater: hi-output w/ thermostat & circulating fan. Night Heater: w/ thermostat & circulation fan. Gull wing doors with automotive weather stripping and dual gas struts. Modular wiring All stainless steel bolts and screws. Chrome latch handles. Removable drawers. Automatic interior lights with manual override switches. Air vent. 22' 110V night cord. Stainless steel bumper.

Left Front Compartment 15 3/4" x 36" upper and lower drawers -- 8' model only

Dual voltage refrigerator with automatic switching relay, front opening -- 8' model

Dual voltage refrigerator with automatic switching relay, top opening (includes pullout drawer) -- 6' model

Remote keyless entry

2 Point Lift bar

Fiberglass Portable Surgical Tray, 12" x 25", mounts on 1" x 4" or 2" x 4"

Rechargeable Portable Sealed Beam Flood Light w/ charger & wall bracket

Dual Lock Controlled Substance Case with multiple sized padded bottle storage

Wireless Remote Control Spotlight